Sand Of Time

New album released 02/2024

1. From The Night
2. Sand Of Time
3. Golden City
4. Stars
5. Sky Bride
6. Dead Men's Tale
7. Secret Place
8. Fearless
9. Shadow Engine
10. Scarecrow


From The Night

New single released 01/2024 (click to listen)

1. From The Night


New single released 04/2023 (click to listen)

1. Travellers

In music, SATRA boldly combines heavier notes with enchanting symphonic melodies, without any specific genre restrictions.

SATRA has released its first EP "My Burned Paradise" in March 2021, a single "Travellers" in April 2023 and a single "From The Night" in January 2024 from their upcoming album. SATRA will release their debut album in February 2024.